Cable entry systems

These systems are used wherever there is a high packing
density of cables and services that need to be led through
switching cabinets or component walls.
A large number of different services with greatly
varying diameters may be led through a very tight
space through the walls of a switching cabinet with a
high degree of protection (IP 65).

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Cable entry systems
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Cable entry for open ended services and room integrity
Cable entry system
Room integrity set
Murrplastik KDP cable entry system fire protection
Cable entry for services with pre-wired plugs and room integrity
KDP/N 24 plastic cable entry plate
KDP/N 24 plastic cable entry plate with room integrity
Type KDP/EN-RA – cable entry plate – metal with room integrity
Murrplastik KDP cable entry system fire protection
Strain relief systems
ZL strain relief
ZL-AM strain relief
ZL-AH-xx strain relief
ZL-C strain relief
ZL-MH-xx strain relief
ZL 40-DB1 strain relief bar
ZL-SW strain relief
Cable fixing plate KAF

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Cable entry systems

Our plastic solutions have the dimensions of the various heavy plug-in connector feed-throughs. The supply range does include a wide variety of diameters. The metal versions (aluminium or stainless steel) are manufactured to customer specifications. Even small runs are possible (KDP on demand).


The cable entry system meets the room integrity requirements of DIN EN 1363-1:2012-10. The minimum requirement is E30. In this case, a special cable entry plate facilitates the room integrity. The material does not swell until a certain temperature is reached. The cable entry plate will remain unchanged until then and can be installed or removed as needed. Cable entry plates with the add-on designation of ...EN meet the requirements of EN 45545-2 3x HL3.

Cable retaining systems
These retaining systems, also called "cable combs" facilitate the defined routing and mounting of cables and lines. With a variety mounting options:

  • screw-mount
  • mounting on top-hat rails
  • mounting on C-rails

this system has universal use for cable retention. Integral
metal sheaths prevent the cold flow properties of plastic.
The T-grooved block version facilitates quick and universal C-rail mounting. Fire protection properties were of high consideration here as well. All our cable retaining system products, ZL… and KAF…, are in compliance with the requirements of EN 45545-2 3x HL3.