ACS Labelling Systems

The Murrplastik labelling systems from our systems
engineering line meet the standards of EN EN 60204
(VDE 0113 part1).
This standard mandates the clear and durable
labelling of wires, components and terminals.

Our Products:

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Our labelling products are part of the products described in EN 45545-2, in table 2, section EL10. The materials used for our labels are PC and TPU for the labelling sleeves; they are halogen-free and categorised in fire classification V0 according to UL94.

A perforation feature distinguishes our ST-BT-H series heat-shrink conduit. The heat-shrink conduit consists of a longer section designed for cable labelling and a shorter section for the wiring information. The shorter section can be discarded after the circuit is wired. This reduces the wiring time significantly.